Tesla Model 3 prices are rising again in the US

Tesla Model 3 prices are rising again in the US – but only versions with nickel-based batteries

This is the third time Tesla has hiked the price of American-made electric vehicles since March, attributing the unpopular move to rising commodity prices. The same nickel used to make traction batteries is up 62% year-to-date. This week, US-made Model 3 sedans have gone up in price by a thousand or a thousand dollars.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

However, it must be recognized that the current promotion does not affect the prices for the base version of the Tesla Model 3 with rear-wheel drive and minimum range. In the local market, such machines are already equipped with so-called LFP batteries, which do not contain nickel and cobalt. Lithium batteries with iron phosphate in their composition are cheaper, but have a lower specific capacity and higher specific gravity. Elon Musk had already announced in October that from now on all basic configurations of Tesla electric vehicles, regardless of the country of manufacture, will be equipped with LFP batteries.

The average price of the Model 3 Long Range all-wheel drive is up $1,500 this week from $54,490 to $55,990. The older version of the Tesla Model 3 Performance added just a thousand dollars to $62,990. Both versions are equipped with NCA batteries based on nickel, cobalt and aluminum. Recall that tomorrow Tesla will hold a grand opening ceremony for a new plant in Texas that will start production of Model Y crossovers with a new power body structure and a floor-integrated battery based on 4680 cells. Cars of this model that are assembled in Germany are still equipped with batteries based on cells of an older type 2170. Incidentally, the price of the basic version of the Model 3 in Germany recently increased by as much as 7,000 euros. Chinese cars kept the same price tags this week.


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