Tesla is removing data from its website on the start

Tesla is removing data from its website on the start of production of Cybertruck in 2022

Tesla has never been particularly concerned about meeting their announced release dates, so it should come as no surprise that the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, whose presentation made a lot of noise in the past, hits the market later than expected. Its sales start has already been postponed several times, most recently the record for the start of production in 2022 disappeared from the Tesla website.

Source: tesla.com

Source: tesla.com

Cybertruck was announced back in 2019. At the time, Tesla promised that electric trucks would roll off the company’s conveyor belts by the end of 2021. Last August, however, production was delayed until 2022. Now the deadline has been postponed again, how long is not yet known.

Previously, the order page on the Tesla Cybertruck website reported: “You will be able to make your configuration selections as we near production in 2022”… Now it says: “You will be able to make your configuration choices as we near the start of production.” – The reference to 2022 was removed last December.

The delay in the release could be influenced by numerous factors – from the ongoing pandemic to the global scarcity of chips and cybertruck-specific problems. For example, for a car windshield, it is difficult to manufacture a wiper that can effectively clean such a huge surface.

Also, adopting Cybertruck’s manufacturing processes could simply be a low priority for Tesla, as other models of the company have been buying at a fantastic pace lately. Model 3 in particular sold 87% more than the previous reporting period, according to The Verge.

Source: Source: tesla.com

Source: Source: tesla.com

At the same time, Tesla’s competitors are actively exploring the electric pickup market. Ford will double production targets for the F-150 Lightning, with deliveries expected in the first half of 2022. Newcomer Rivian has already started shipping R1T models to customers, and brands like Hummer and Chevrolet are slated to launch their own electric pickups in late 2022 and late 2023, respectively.

Tesla can afford to postpone the release of Cybertruck for a while, but the company risks losing some of its potential buyers. It is known that the head of the automaker Elon Musk has promised to present an updated roadmap for cybertruck production during the next report to investors, which is scheduled for January 26th.

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