Tesla is hesitant to integrate the Steam gaming platform but

Tesla is hesitant to integrate the Steam gaming platform, but is not doing without it

After the introduction of an updated on-board computer based on the AMD Navi 23 discrete GPU in the Model S and Model X electric vehicles, Elon Musk promised to show the first results of the initiative to support the Steam gaming platform by August, but so far behind schedule. At the same time, the Tesla boss claims that he himself is already testing the implementation of Steam support through the on-board computer for electric vehicles.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

As a temporary solution, Tesla currently offers its own arcade platform that allows specially adapted games to be run on the on-board computer of the Model S and Model X electric vehicles, which were redesigned last year. Porting of existing games to the platform will be handled by Tesla teams in Austin and Seattle in collaboration with the developers of the original games. Regulators have even had to require Tesla to block games from running while the EV is in motion, as it can be dangerous and distract drivers from the road. In the future, the company expects to lift this blockade when the automation learns to completely replace the driver and the person in the corresponding seat in the Tesla electric car just wants to play games to while away the time.

This week Elon Musk indirectly ApprovedAdaptation of the Steam platform to use high-end Tesla on-board computers is underway, it said “testing it already in Palo Alto”. No timeline was given for this feature, but since the demo promised in August didn’t happen, it’s safe to assume there’s some delay from the original schedule.

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