Tesla is getting enough traction batteries for the first time

Tesla is getting enough traction batteries for the first time in years

Since the beginning of the year, the prices of many materials for the production of lithium batteries have increased significantly, and one might get the impression that the growth rate of electric vehicle production is limited precisely by the availability of traction batteries. Tesla officials say the company has no shortage of batteries for the first time in history and hint it may expand its list of suppliers.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

The resource shared the revelations from Tesla’s vice president of investor relations at the Goldman Sachs conference Business Insider. According to Martin Viecha, the company is receiving the required quantity of traction batteries for the first time in many years, which is thanks to the rapid expansion of production by its suppliers. In addition to Panasonic, it is supplied with lithium batteries by LG Energy Solution and CATL, and Tesla will not limit itself to this list going forward. It produces traction batteries itself, the production volume of which will determine the development pace of the entire electric vehicle industry in the future. If the production volume of electric vehicles needs to be increased tenfold, then not only the production volumes of batteries, but also the raw materials for their manufacture should grow proportionately.

Tesla uses about 90% of the batteries it receives from suppliers in its electric vehicles, with the remaining 10% being sent to stationary energy storage systems. The latter, as you know, can be equipped with batteries that have served in electric vehicles. In any case, the energy storage segment is secondarily provided by batteries. But the batteries aren’t running low right now, the Tesla VP added.

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