Tesla factory in Germany starts producing 1000 electric vehicles per

Tesla factory in Germany starts producing 1,000 electric vehicles per week

Already at the end of April, one month after the official opening, the Tesla plant in the Berlin area should reach a weekly production of 1,000 electric vehicles. In fact, the milestone was only passed last week, but this achievement will also reduce the need for the European market to import Tesla Model Y from China.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

Theoretically, a new company in Germany can now produce more than 50,000 electric vehicles per year. That’s about ten percent of its design capacity, so scaling production with unforeseen obstacles is a long way off. For example, in the previous phase, the limiting factor was the performance of the paint booths installed at the plant in Germany. Previously, reaching the milestone of one thousand assembled electric vehicles was reported on the Tesla internal mailing list, and now this event is openly confirmed with the official pages companies on Twitter.

To date, it assembles Model Y crossovers with 2170-cell-based traction batteries, while a Texas company that opened in a similar period is assembling the same crossovers with newer 4680-cell-based batteries that are incorporated into the power structure of integrated are the body. On the one hand, the somewhat archaic design of the Tesla electric vehicles manufactured in Germany does not stand in the way of scaling production volumes. On the other hand, new batteries can reduce production costs. Over time, their release in Germany will be established, but Tesla may switch to their use in Europe even earlier if it decides to receive 4680 cells from LG Energy Solution. Panasonic can also produce such batteries, but so far it is only expanding a pilot line in Japan and will start series delivery next year.

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