Tesla electric vehicles were jammed in Elon Musks Vegas Loop

Tesla electric vehicles were jammed in Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop tunnels during CES 2022

The worst moment for such an incident is hard to imagine. During CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the Vegas Loop tunnel system built by Elon Musk’s Boring Company was overloaded – Tesla’s electric vehicles, which theoretically avoided congestion on the surface, even ended up in underground traffic jams. Such an incident in the middle of an exhibition can serve as a powerful anti-advertisement for such communications.

Source: langweiligcompany.com

Source: langweiligcompany.com

The pandemic didn’t see a huge influx of visitors at CES in Las Vegas this year, so the situation looks even more ambiguous – the promising Vegas Loop tunnel system, the construction of which was one of the stated reasons to tackle traffic jams, has broken. It’s worth noting that while electric vehicles are controlled in manual mode – by normal drivers, which could be the reason.

As a Twitter user wrote in a message accompanying the video: “2025: Most will die like this, suffocating in a traffic jam in a Tesla tunnel, which should actually be impossible.”

There have been many reports of traffic jams in the tunnel. It is noteworthy that Elon Musk said in November 2021 that citizens could choose between two options – “traffic jam forever or tunnel” and specifically cited his company’s tunnel as a more convenient alternative.

It turned out that the passengers were waiting together for traffic jams and tunnels. The only big advantage of the new development was that electric vehicles could not suffocate passengers underground with exhaust fumes.


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