Tesla electric cars began to warn owners about peak loads

Tesla electric cars began to warn owners about peak loads on the power grid

The Texas power grid became notorious last February when unprecedented cold winds left not only a significant portion of the residential area unpowered but also a number of manufacturing plants. This year, Tesla electric vehicles began warning owners in Texas not to charge them during periods of high energy use.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

What is known is that not only did Tesla CEO Elon Musk relocate to Texas some time ago, but also the company headquarters itself. Next door in Austin, a new electric vehicle assembly plant for Tesla Model Y was built and recently opened, preparing to ship semi-trucks, Cybertruck pickups, a second-generation roadster sports car, and even humanoid Optimus robots (Tesla Bot) are all growing the assembly line for the foreseeable future. Apparently, Tesla will also assemble a robotic taxi here, so integrating the business into the local power system is the most important task for the company.

As explained electricTesla is actively building stationary energy storage systems in Texas to compensate for seasonal fluctuations in consumption. In residential areas, solar panels and household energy storage systems are installed. One of the car owners on the pages Reddit admitted that in the coming days his electric car Tesla issued a recommendation to avoid charging between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. It closely follows the advice of the local electricity regulator, which has urged Texas residents to limit their electricity consumption at this time of day in light of the approaching hot season. Recently, an increase in energy consumption in local power grids has already led to an emergency shutdown of six power plants. At the same time, citizens are advised to set the thermostats in their homes to 26 degrees Celsius and more.

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