Tesla Demonstrates New Battery Block Design Based on Type 4680 Cells

Tesla’s event, which took place at the company’s German facility, made sure that the locally assembled Model Y crossovers did indeed receive a new body structure with a two-piece base connected by a 4680 battery pack in a structural case. Images of the new design became public thanks to a tour of the Tesla plant in the vicinity of Berlin.

Image source: Electrek

Image source: Electrek

Even earlier, as recalls ElectrekElon Musk announced the benefits of a new body layout, which will be inherent in the German-built Model Y crossovers. The use of a structural battery unit and two “solid” bases will reduce the weight by 10% and increase the electric vehicle’s range by 14%, not to mention simplifying the assembly process by reducing the number of parts used by 370 pieces. Equipment for the manufacture of solid parts of the base of the body was installed at an enterprise in Germany for a long time, but only now it became known how the modernized structure looks alive.

Image source: Twitter, Paul Kelly

Image source: Twitter, Paul Kelly

The 4680 battery pack becomes the structural member of the bodywork that connects the front and rear of the base. The latter are integral parts, which greatly simplifies the process of assembling an electric vehicle, although to some extent it complicates body repairs. The seat bases are also attached to the battery pack, which improves the manufacturability of the design and optimizes the assembly process of the electric vehicle.

Recall that the mass production of 4680 batteries will begin in Germany only by the end of next year, so at first Tesla will have to supply them either from Nevada or from Japan – in the latter case, Panasonic, a traditional partner for the American company, will be engaged in production. LG Energy Solution and Samsung SDI are also interested in the possibility of producing cells of this type, but they are unlikely to establish it faster than Tesla and Panasonic.

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