Tesla changes advertising in South Korea after antitrust investigation

Tesla changes advertising in South Korea after antitrust investigation

Tesla has changed the range data of its Model 3 electric vehicle in South Korea in an ad after the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) found the automaker had over-rated its batteries. The description of the Model 3 on Tesla’s local website now states that the electric car can achieve a “maximum” range of 528 km on a single battery charge, while previously reporting “over” 528 km.

Aly Song/Reuters

Aly Song/Reuters

The KFTC said this week that it warned Tesla that they would overcharge some electric vehicle models, including the Model 3, in violation of the Fair Product Labeling and Mileage Advertising Act.

“The KFTC plans to provide the automaker with an opportunity to respond to our findings and then hold a general meeting to consider and determine the extent of the automaker’s violation of the law and decide on the amount of fines.” a member of the commission who wished to remain anonymous told UK Time News.

Most electric vehicles can experience some range loss in cold weather, experts say. On the Tesla website in the US, the description of the Model 3 states: “Go anywhere with an estimate Range up to 358 miles on a single charge. This power reserve corresponds to approximately 576 km.

According to experts, the regulator’s announcement of the overestimation of mileage will not have a major impact on the American automaker’s sales in South Korea, as it actually dominates the electric car market there.


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