Tesla begins phasing out solar panel installations in parts of

Tesla begins phasing out solar panel installations in parts of the US

In the second quarter, Tesla achieved record solar installations in the U.S. market, which also grew 13% year over year to 94 MW in the third quarter, but many customers in the company’s core business are now facing contract waivers and refunds. In parts of the US, Tesla is simply doing its solar panel business.

    Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

Recall that the company develops solar panels that are installed on the roofs of apartment buildings and other buildings, allowing you to generate electricity not only for charging electric vehicles, but also for household needs. In 2016, the acquisition of SolarCity gave that business a boost, but since then Tesla management has repeatedly complained that its lithium battery offering is focused on the electric vehicle segment and stationary energy storage intended to be used in that combination with solar panels, are provided by batteries on a residual basis.

As noted electricIn recent days, many Tesla customers in the US have been confronted with the company’s refusal to honor its obligations under the preliminary contracts for the installation of solar panels. They received corresponding notifications with a promise to return the received funds to the bank account within seven or ten days. In some cases, even those Tesla customers who have already approved projects with local regulators face refusals to complete installation of Tesla solar panels. The supplier justifies his demarche with the fact that he will no longer operate a core business in a certain area. Customers in California, Oregon, and Florida are complaining about this Tesla behavior.

At the same time, the staff cuts at Tesla in the department that dealt with customer service in this line of business became known. Instead, customers are encouraged to turn to contractors who have installed Tesla solar panels and are certified to do so. There were no official comments from company officials, and usually Elon Musk takes on such a mission, but he’s too busy with his other project now.

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