Telegram received 10 important innovations in January

Telegram received 10 important innovations in January

Telegram talked about the updates that the messenger received in January 2024, including a large-scale update to “Favorites,” as well as one-time (disappearing after listening) voice and video messages, and much more.

The Favorites 2.0 update turns the separate Favorites chat into an advanced system for storing links, media, and notes. The user will be able to select the mode of viewing it in the form of chats or a compact list of messages, mark messages with tags, and also view all saved messages from chats on the “Favorites” tab in “General Media”.

In the “Show chats” mode, a list of all personal chats, groups and channels from which messages were forwarded to “Favorites” will be shown. Any of the chats can be pinned to the top of the list.

You can also use tags to organize your favorites, which allow you to quickly filter messages and give them titles. Tags are already available to users with a Telegram Premium subscription.

To switch to the search mode in “Favorites”, you must click on the corresponding icon on the right side of the top panel. Tags are displayed under the search bar, by clicking on which you can see all the messages that are tagged with them.

In the “Shared Media” section, where you can quickly find sent or received photos, links, music and much more, a “Favorites” tab has appeared with all messages that the user sent to the “Favorites” chat.

Search in all chats has also been improved, making it easier to switch between results and switch to list view.

The one-time view mode has also become available when sending voice and video messages.

The user can now pause the recording of a voice or video message and continue recording later.

The appearance of a check mark on a message in a chat means that it was delivered, two check marks means that it was read. The time the recipient viewed messages is also displayed. To protect user privacy, read time in personal chats, as well as in groups, is deleted after 7 days.

With a Telegram Premium subscription, the user will be able not to disclose the time of reading messages and logging in – but at the same time see it for those who have allowed this in the privacy settings. If the user has hidden the login or message reading time in the settings, other users will not see it, even with a Telegram Premium subscription.

Premium users also have the ability to choose who can message them: “Everyone” or “Contacts and Premium Users.” In the second case, users not from the contact list and without a Premium subscription will not be able to send a message first – but will be able to reply if the owner of the Premium subscription writes first.

When receiving an unwanted message, the user can report it to Telegram moderators and block the sender using the button at the top of the chat.

For Premium subscribers, video stories now load 4x faster. You can also increase the video resolution in Stories.

Also, all users now have access to adjusting the playback speed of video stories.

In the “Appearance” section of Settings, you can now choose a personal color and background emoji for messages with contacts attached.

There have also been a number of improvements to video messaging on iOS, including clearer images, faster switching between the front and rear cameras, and additional stabilization when shooting.

In the version of Telegram for macOS, downloaded directly from the Telegram website, you can now choose from 15 application icons the one that best matches your theme.


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