Telegram is on its way to becoming a super app

Telegram is on its way to becoming a super app similar to WeChat

Telegram, which already has 800 million monthly active users worldwide, is gradually moving towards an ecosystem strategy reminiscent of the approach of the Chinese super app WeChat, which was originally a messenger. The TON blockchain platform and Tencent cloud infrastructure will help the messenger implement some aspects of this strategy.

    Image source: Rubaitul Azad /

Image source: Rubaitul Azad /

Telegram already supports mini-applications for third-party developers – they are based on JavaScript and can replace a full-fledged website. This feature will be implemented with the participation of the company’s partners, in particular the Open Network (TON) Foundation, which in turn announced its collaboration with Tencent Cloud. The latter already supports TON validators and plans to further expand its services by providing the blockchain platform with the necessary computing resources and bandwidth for network solutions. Validators in web3 are blockchain participants who verify transactions.

As China’s tech industry slows, local players including Tencent are increasing their presence abroad. In recent months, its cloud division has appeared more frequently at international conferences, including those related to the cryptocurrency industry. Tencent will benefit if Telegram’s mini-apps become as popular as WeChat’s – the Chinese messaging app was a pioneer in this segment – with payment apps, e-commerce and food delivery services, taxi services and even the possibility to extend your driving license. A decentralized payment system in mini applications can help Telegram, with its large user base, reach a large number of customers around the world.

Mini-applications in WeChat and Telegram have common functions, so developers who have experience with WeChat and use Tencent cloud resources can take advantage of TON’s capabilities, he told the resource TechCrunch Head of Development at TON Foundation Justin Hyun. WeChat was able to gain high popularity due to its payment functions and brought Tencent decent income – about 20 payment solutions are already integrated into Telegram, and no commission is charged for the Bot Payments API. Recently, their offer was expanded with the TON Space wallet, which will be available to all users in November – it allows the use of an analogue of the WeChat platform in Telegram, adapted to a decentralized approach.


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