Telegram introduces video stickers and new reactions

Telegram introduces video stickers and new reactions

An updated version of the popular messenger Telegram for mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems has been released. The developer has implemented a number of improvements and fixes.

Image source: Telegram

Image source: Telegram

One of the innovations are video stickers that can be generated on the basis of regular video recordings. Telegram previously had vector animated stickers available, but they require technical knowledge and special programs like Adobe Illustrator to create them. Anyone can create new video stickers with almost any video editor. Simply write to the bot @Sticker and follow his instructions.

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Animations when sending reactions are now more compact. To send a larger animation, just hold your finger on the emoji in the reaction menu. The reactions themselves are now synchronized for sender and receiver – the animation starts simultaneously for all participants in the conversation.

Five new emojis have appeared in the list of available reactions. They can be used as interactive emoji by sending an animated version as a separate message.

1643708185 318 Telegram introduces video stickers and new reactions

Implemented quick navigation through recently opened chats. You can quickly return to the desired chat after multiple transitions to other chats. To do this, you need to hold down the “Back” button with your finger: the list contains the chats clicked from forwarded messages, via links, short addresses, from profiles, etc.

In addition, the quality of calls has been improved, translation support has been added for fast Internet browsing, messages are sent without sound, etc.


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