Telegram has new authorization methods unlimited reactions and emoji statuses

Telegram has new authorization methods, unlimited reactions and emoji statuses

The Telegram team has announced the release of a new version of the messenger with many changes and improvements. In particular, innovations have been implemented when logging into an account, reactions without limits and emoji statuses.

    Image source: Telegram

Image source: Telegram

From now on, users can receive authorization codes not only via SMS, but also via email. You can also use Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google. The registration and login process on iOS devices has been improved: an updated user interface and smooth animations already available on Android have been introduced.

All users have dozens of new reactions, including ones that previously could only be sent with a Telegram Premium subscription. The updated reaction selection menu can be expanded to facilitate the display of many new emojis. The most used reactions are automatically moved to the top of the list.

It should be noted that Telegram Premium subscribers can use not only standard emojis but also any of the thousands of custom emojis as a reaction. In addition, sending up to three reactions to a message became available with this subscription.

Premium users can now put an animated status emoji next to their name to show what mood they’re in or what they’re doing. The status is displayed in place of the subscriber’s premium badge in the chat list, in groups and in the user profile.

Implemented new links to profiles. For every public @username address in Telegram, a link like works, which can be easily shared on the internet. A new unique link format,, is now also available for those who want username prominence.

Among other things, we can highlight the possibility of customizing the boot order on Android, as well as new design elements in the Android application. Owners of devices running Android 13 and above can choose a themed Telegram app icon, which will automatically adapt to the gadget’s dark theme and main color.

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