Telegram has been updated to version 103 similar channels reposting

Telegram has been updated to version 10.3: similar channels, reposting stories, transcription of voices for everyone, etc.

The Telegram messenger has been updated to version 10.3. Now the service makes it easier to find similar channels, it is now possible to repost stories from friends and channels, add video messages to stories, set up personal profile colors and much more. And free users received transcripts of voice and video messages, but with limitations.

When subscribing to a new channel, the user is now shown a list of similar public channels, which is also located in a separate tab in the channel profile. This will help you find additional channels that are potentially interesting to you.

The user can now repost the stories from friends and favorite channels and, if desired, supplement them with their own texts, audio tracks or video comments. At the same time, he can determine the circle of those who can see his repost. To protect your privacy, you can only repost stories that are visible to everyone.

In addition to stories, you can add a video message with comments or just an expressive facial expression. Video messages for stories can be edited: resize them, move them around the screen, and also set the start and end points. You can also add a video message to a repost of another author’s story.

With the release of the Telegram 10.3 update, users with a premium subscription will have the opportunity to choose unique color combinations for their profiles with logos to highlight the individuality of the page.

You can now set individual wallpapers for individual chats to make them easier to distinguish, and premium users can set any wallpaper not only for themselves, but also for the person they are talking to.

With the new update, voice and video message transcription is available not only for premium users but also for everyone else. However, free version users can only decrypt up to two messages per week (premium has no restrictions). It should be noted that this feature will not become available immediately, but gradually depending on the region.

Channel admins now have access to story views, forwards, and reactions statistics with easy-to-read graphs.

There’s also a new reaction management interface that allows channel admins to add and remove emojis. In addition to standard reactions, you can now use emojis from custom sets – one for each channel level.

Channel stats now display a reaction sentiment graph, reflecting user reactions to posts. Individual reactions are divided into positive and negative as well as the “other” category.

It is also noted that all Telegram applications now automatically detect the programming language in messages and highlight the syntax when the text is formatted as code.

After the update, the Telegram application “remembers” the display mode when viewing groups with topics – as a single chat or individual topics.

In the iOS application, the automatic deletion of messages using a timer is now accompanied by an animation – the message crumbles into dust. Deleting messages using a timer can be configured both for individual chats and for the entire account.

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