Telegram gets a big update file sharing up to 2

Telegram gets a big update: file sharing up to 2 GB and more streaming options

The developers of the messenger Telegram have released a major update. The company has improved the download manager, updated the user interface and improved the streaming section of the platform. This was reported on the messenger’s website.

Source: Telegram

Source: Telegram

The improved download manager allows users to share files up to 2GB in size. In addition, the authors have added a Downloads section where you can track the progress and history of all downloads on the platform.

The second significant improvement will be the Attachments section. When you send photos to friends, you can view the order and visual appearance of the shipment. You can also swap out images for easier viewing.

Another important change was the improvement of the broadcast section. Now users can stream using third party programs like OBS or Xsplit Broadcaster. To do this, you need to create a video chat and, having selected the desired program, click on the “Start with” button.

The previous Telegram update was released on February 1st. Then the developers added video stickers, new reactions to the application and improved a number of functions.


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