Telegram began to actively test advertising publications

The Telegram messenger began to actively test sponsored messages. On this drew attention resource Telegram Info. New information about advertising opportunities has appeared on the official Telegram translation platform.

Source: Roy Liu, Bloomberg

Source: Roy Liu, Bloomberg

According to the description, sponsored posts are ads from the messenger, not the channel management. In order to provide the service, Telegram will create a special website through which those who wish can purchase advertising. How the cost of publications will be calculated is not yet clear.

How writes “Durov’s code”, the maximum post length will be 160 characters. The company will not track user clicks in advertising publications and transfer information about activity to third parties. Also, the developers will prohibit posting links to third-party resources in them. Thus, customers will only be able to promote their posts on the platform. The description also states that during testing, income will not be shared with channel authors. The messenger intends to first cover its own expenses for expenses, after which it will begin to share funds with community owners.

It is not known when testing of new features will begin. It is also likely that this is not the final version of the service on the platform, and the company will change it.

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