Telegram allowed users to sell their nicknames on the Fragment

Telegram allowed users to sell their nicknames on the Fragment platform

Telegram messenger management informedthat its users can now sell their nicknames on the Fragment platform. A user can have multiple nicknames.

    Image source: Christian Wiediger /

Image source: Christian Wiediger /

“Telegram has opened the opportunity to buy and sell short and recognizable usernames in @username format for personal accounts, public groups and channels. Auctions are already running on the Fragment platform for the best names.”– says the message from the Telegram administration.

You can use their username to find someone on Messenger without knowing their phone number – just search for their name in the @username format. Outside the platform, it can be found under addresses in the format “” and “”. It is noted that for the first time in the history of social networks, people are becoming full owners of their own usernames.

Trading on the Fragment platform is conducted using the TON cryptocurrency, and the right to own the nickname is fixed as a digital asset in the blockchain of the same name. The messenger began selling usernames in late October, offering four-letter combinations starting at $19,000.


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