Telegram 95 released with power saving mode optimization for weak

Telegram 9.5 released with power saving mode, optimization for weak smartphones and speed adjustment for media files

The release of the messenger Telegram 9.5: The application has received a power saving mode, its work is optimized for low-power Android smartphones, it became possible to flexibly adjust the playback speed of media files, bot developers can now present their descriptions in different languages ​​and, as always, the set of animated emoticons became expanded.

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Animations and other effects in Telegram were originally created to make the application work quickly, but users can now remove them if they wish. To save battery power and improve performance on less powerful devices, all of these effects are disabled in the settings – you can disable them one by one, disable them all together, or start sleep mode at a certain battery level.

iOS device users also have the option to disable background chat updates, but if they do, they will have to put up with the “Updating…” message appearing more frequently. Messenger developers also tested the application on more than 200 Android smartphones, for which they chose the optimal default settings.

The ability to change the playback speed of media files in Telegram was introduced a few years ago, but now Messenger users can choose any speed from 0.2x to 2.5x – the audio file setting will open when you click the button with the ” 2x” hold down. When playing a video, the speed selection appears when you press the menu button.

In groups of up to 100 users, you can now see when a member has read a message. With the new version, Telegram users also have the option of choosing who can add them to groups – if such an attempt fails, an invitation link can be sent.

Traditionally, recently used sticker packs are moved to the top of the list, but this behavior can now be turned off by clicking the gear icon in the sticker panel and unchecking the “Recents First” option. Bot developers can now create bot descriptions and “What can this bot do?” sections. different languages.

iOS device users now have the ability to mark all chats in a folder as read, as well as use folders when forwarding messages – this feature will come to Android later. Finally, Telegram artists created several new sets of interactive emoticons – at the end of the video they are only available for Telegram Premium subscribers and everyone can use them as a reaction.

In March, developers delayed the rollout of new features by two weeks to fix more than 400 identified bugs in clients for different platforms. Unfortunately, the administration of the messenger added that the new version of Telegram can only be installed by users of Android devices so far – it is available on Google Play and on the Messenger website, an update to the iOS version is still awaiting release moderators.

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