TECNO has introduced Universal Tone a technology to correctly

TECNO has introduced Universal Tone – a technology to correctly reproduce skin tones and textures when shot with a smartphone

TECNO presented its latest development in mobile photography – TECNO Universal Tone technology, designed to correctly reproduce skin tones and textures when shot with a smartphone.

    Image source: TECNO

Image source: TECNO

TECNO Universal Tone brings together an updated database of spectral and analytical data to reflect the characteristics of different nationalities, providing the ability to create portrait images according to the individual expectations of users around the world. To improve the technology, scientists of color from various universities around the world were involved.

According to TECNO CEO Jack Guo, the technology uses a rigorous scientific, data-driven approach to create more accurate and higher quality images, providing users around the world with a more natural representation of beauty.

TECNO Universal Tone uses algorithms based on artificial intelligence:

  • The Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine is an AI algorithm for visualizing skin tones based on a diversified spectral database.
  • Local-Tuning Engine is an algorithm for tuning cameras for different scenarios that analyzes the environment, lighting conditions, geomorphological landscapes and temperature to create a harmonious framework taking into account the specifics of the region.
  • The AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine is an AI algorithm that personalizes the image according to the aesthetic elements of beauty, increases skin tone accuracy, optimizes the display, and provides personalized portrait enhancements.

During the recording process, the Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine tunes the camera to represent different skin tones more accurately and naturally. Then, the Local-Tuning Engine analyzes the environment to restore shadows based on region and scenario, and finally the AI-powered calculation Portrait Engine applies a personalized algorithm that matches the aesthetic and cultural preferences of different countries.

TECNO Universal Tone technology will highlight the individuality of users around the world and enhance the portrait creation experience.

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