Technologies from Cisco and Amazon are used in the Artemis

Technologies from Cisco and Amazon are used in the Artemis I moon mission

Lockheed Martin, Cisco and Amazon talked about the joint Callisto project, in which the unmanned Orion spacecraft, which enters the orbit of the moon, receives support for space-adapted terrestrial solutions: the Cisco WebEx video communication system and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

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The start of the unmanned Artemis I mission is scheduled for March with the deployment of the Orion spacecraft, which will carry the payload of the Callisto system. One of the components of the system will be an iPad on which a Cisco WebEx video communication platform client and the Amazon Alexa voice assistant will be installed – both solutions will be adapted for work in space and their tests as part of Artemis I will prepare them for future missions with a crew.

The Artemis I mission includes many projects with tests and simulations. Instead of astronauts, “virtual crew members” will contact the Lyndon Johnson Space Center in Houston. The terminals WebEx DeskPro and WebEx Board Pro will be installed in the VIP room of the center – the latter not only offers video communication, but also offers collaboration tools.

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As reported in Cisco, the main difficulty in ensuring stable communications will be the delay that will inevitably occur as the spacecraft will be approximately 380,000 km from Earth. Conventional video communication systems generally do not take this problem into account; only data packets are lost, which is why entire parts of the image disappear from the screen or even disconnect. Cisco plans to address this issue with a buffering mechanism. Another important tool in the implementation of the project will be the modified AV1 codec, which the engineers will try to get the most out of and deliver the best possible picture with a channel width of only 128 kbps.

The image optimization takes place with the help of algorithms of artificial intelligence: the system reconstructs sound and image and decides which data is sent and which not. For example, instead of sending the full image in its original form, the system will decrease the quality of the background and increase the quality of the image for the face. “For us at Cisco, this is a critical point. We want to be the leader in hybrid work. We can now take another step towards the ultimate frontier by offering video communication and collaboration in space. “Aruna Ravichandran, Vice President and Director of Marketing at Cisco WebEx, commented on the project.


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