Team Group introduced the first JEDEC DDR5 6400 memory modules and

Team Group introduced the first JEDEC DDR5-6400 memory modules and promised 9000MHz strips

Team Group introduced ELITE U-DIMM DDR5-6400 RAM modules. New products conform to JEDEC 6400 MT/s specifications. In other words, these RAM modules can initially work in DDR5-6400 mode without using overclocking profiles. This memory standard was adopted by JEDEC in autumn 2021.

    Image source: team group

Image source: team group

To ensure stable performance of DDR5 memory at 6400MHz and higher, Team Group has implemented new CKD (Client Clock Driver) components in RAM modules, which are responsible for amplification, buffering and stable exchange of high-frequency signals between the CPU and designed for the DDR5 memory modules.

Team Group points out that it is working with motherboard manufacturers to ensure that new DDR5-6400 RAM modules are compatible with desktop systems and laptops.

The company also notes that CKD components are used in the DDR5 memory modules in its T-Force gaming series. In the future, this will allow the production of RAM kits that can work at frequencies up to 9000MHz and higher, taking into account the use of overclocking profiles.


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