TCL postpones flexible display smartphones until technology becomes more affordable

TCL was one of the first to show prototypes of devices with flexible displays, and it would seem that the company will be able to confidently enter this segment of the smartphone market and compete seriously with its established leader in the face of Samsung. Perhaps it will, but definitely not this and probably not next year.

TCL Marketing Director Stefan Streit said the company had made the difficult decision to suspend preparation of its first commercial foldable smartphone. There is no mention of how long the release of such devices has been delayed. In a statement, Strait said only that TCL’s foldable smartphone will not appear until the technology becomes more affordable financially, so that the average consumer can purchase such a device. The CMO said TCL will continue to invest in flexible screen technology and will closely monitor the market to determine the best time to launch its own foldable smartphone.

Recall that the emergence of foldable smartphones on the market was very difficult. The original Samsung Galaxy Fold debuted at around $ 2,000 and was frankly raw, as acknowledged by the Korean company’s management. The first experience of Huawei turned out to be better, but now the company’s mobile business is not in the best position due to the sanctions. Since then, the situation has improved and prices for such devices have decreased, although all flexible smartphones are still in the premium segment. TCL, in turn, plans to introduce foldable smartphones in a more affordable price range, but the current state of affairs does not allow to significantly reduce the price of such devices.

TCL Project Chicago

TCL Project Chicago

Strait said TCL still believes in the foldable form factor and that he personally uses the experimental Project Chicago smartphone on permanent basis. But this device will never see the light of day as a commercial product. Instead, Straight suggests the company will unveil a more affordable mainstream device in late 2022 or early 2023.

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