TCL introduces NxtWear Air Smart Glasses with micro LED displays

TCL introduces NxtWear Air Smart Glasses with micro-LED displays – lighter and more attractive than the previous model

At CES 2022, TCL presented a new version of the data glasses called NxtWear Air, which looks more attractive compared to last year’s NxtWear G and weighs significantly less. The novelty looks more like normal sunglasses and will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Image source: TCL

Image source: TCL

It should be noted that TCL redesigned the data glasses, reducing the weight of the NxtWear Air to 75 grams (last year’s NxtWear G weighed 130 grams). This will make it more comfortable to wear new glasses for a long time. The design has also been significantly revised to make the device more attractive.

NxtWear Air uses two 1080p micro LED displays. They have the effect of viewing a 140-inch screen from a distance of 4 meters. There is no support for virtual and augmented reality effects. Instead, the glasses presented can be viewed as an additional display that the user wears on the face and connects to a smartphone, tablet or laptop via the USB Type-C interface. Stereo speakers are available for sound reproduction.

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The NxtWear Air package contains two magnetic interchangeable lenses that you can use to easily change the style of your glasses. Although the manufacturer has announced that it intends to ship NxtWear Air in the first quarter of 2022, the cost of the smart glasses remains a mystery. Last year’s NxtWear G was available for $ 680.


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