Take Two Interactive Even a possible strike by the voice actors

Take-Two Interactive: Even a possible strike by the voice actors won’t stop GTA VI

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, speaks as part of the company’s new financial report commented the threat of a strike by voice actors and motion capture in connection with the development of the next GTA series.

    Image source: Steam (madd)

Image source: Steam (madd)

We would like to remind you that negotiations between gaming companies (including Take-Two) and the SAG-AFTRA guild on improving working conditions for actors continue. Since the parties have still not been able to reach an agreement, there is still the possibility of a strike.

However, Zelnik is not worried about such a threat. When asked by one of the investors whether a possible strike could lead to a slowdown in development and a postponement of GTA VI, the CEO replied in the negative.

    Image source: Rockstar Games

Image source: Rockstar Games

“Even if [игровые компании с SAG-AFTRA] If they don’t come to an agreement, we will be fully protected.”“, Zelnik assured investors concerned about possible delays in GTA VI.

At the same time, Zelnik is confident that a strike will not occur: “We are optimistic. We value our talents, our excellent working relationships and are committed to reaching an agreement that benefits everyone.”.

    Negotiations with SAG-AFTRA will resume next week (Image source: Rockstar Games)

Negotiations with SAG-AFTRA will resume next week (Image source: Rockstar Games)

Even before the full announcement, GTA VI started setting records: yesterday tweet with Rockstar’s announcement “The Next Grand Theft Auto” In less than 24 hours, it garnered 146 million views and more than 1.4 million likes.

Rockstar Games had previously promised to release the debut trailer for the next GTA in early December. Some suggest that the premiere could take place as part of The Game Awards 2023 (December 7).

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