Taiwan sees great potential for cooperation with the EU in

Taiwan sees great potential for cooperation with the EU in the field of chip production

Taiwanese authorities believe there is “huge scope for cooperation” with the European Union in semiconductor manufacturing today. This is how they commented on the plans of the European Union to expand the production of chips on its territory in order to reduce dependence on supplies from Asia and the United States.

Image source: Magnascan/pixabay.com

Image source: Magnascan/pixabay.com

The EU plan mentions Taiwan as the technological base of the world’s largest chip manufacturer TSMC and other participants in the semiconductor market. In Europe, she says, the island is one of the “like-minded partners” the EU wants to work with. A plan unveiled on Tuesday by the European Commission proposes to simplify funding rules for innovative semiconductor factories, a step that must be taken to address the chip shortage that is disrupting production in many industries.

Taiwanese Foreign Ministry officials said they were pleased to see strong momentum in the areas of bilateral trade and investment between Taiwan and the EU and welcomed the fact that the EU attaches such importance to the island. The ministry is convinced of that “In the post-pandemic era, Taiwan and the EU have tremendous scope to work together to restructure global semiconductor supply chains, rebuild industries and strengthen democratic resilience.”.

TSMC, which last month said the company was in the early stages of considering a plant in Europe, declined to comment on new EU legislative initiatives. So far, the company is spending billions of dollars building factories in Taiwan itself, the US and Japan.

The parties’ statements are somewhat overshadowed by their refusal to buy German silicon wafer maker Siltronic’s Taiwanese GlobalWafers – European regulators failed to meet the January 31 statutory deadline to review the relevant application.


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