Taiwan is ready to cooperate in the production of chips with the countries of Eastern Europe

The Taiwanese authorities are considering cooperation with three Eastern European countries that are interested in the production of semiconductor products. The island’s willingness to cooperate will help win the favor of the EU, which has long been inviting Taiwanese companies to cooperate.

Image source: Thomas1311 / pixabay.com

Image source: Thomas1311 / pixabay.com

Today, Taiwan is home to numerous microchip manufacturers, including the world’s largest contract manufacturing player, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC). The latter has become the main engine of the industry, trying to eliminate the shortage of semiconductors, which has repeatedly led to the shutdown of automotive production lines around the world and negatively affected the consumer electronics market.

While TSMC is building a $ 12 billion plant in the United States, as well as setting up a factory in Japan, it has shown no interest in setting up a similar production in the EU so far, despite European efforts to stimulate relevant cooperation.

Nevertheless, during his visit to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, the head of the Taiwan National Development Council Kung Ming-hsin has already announced that the countries have expressed their readiness to jointly produce chips with the island’s enterprises.

He intends to organize working groups with each of the countries to develop a cooperation plan, in addition, Taiwan intends to provide scholarships for technical training of European specialists. The semiconductor supply chain is huge and many countries can play different roles in it, he said.

Taiwan expressed gratitude to the three countries for their “donations” of vaccines against COVID-19, and Lithuania and the Czech Republic – also for their support against the backdrop of political pressure from the PRC. Although the EU and individual European countries do not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the EU is making great efforts to strengthen bilateral relations, and the European Commission has already proposed a bill for the development of the semiconductor industry.

According to Kuhn, it will be difficult for Europe to do this on its own, so it looks forward to working with Taiwan.


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