Soccer Story – missed the goal. review

played on personal computer The world is in football fever right now. Fans of this sport enthusiastically follow the games, do not miss a single event and eagerly discuss all the sensations of the World Cup. For many, football has long been part of...


Ghost Song is the song of a secret planet. review

played on personal computer Ghost Song is a real unfinished project. Kickstater campaign The project was completed in the summer of 2013, by which time its lead developer, Matt White, had been working on a dream Metroidvania in Flash for a number of...


Roadwarden – the road of misadventures. review

Text role-playing games often do not fall into the informational realm. From the representatives of the genre only the last year was powerful The Life and Passion of Sir Brante Yes, very small projects in the spirit of Tin Star. And this is perhaps...