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Trek to Yomi is a dull blade. Verification

played on Xbox series S Some games make you fall in love at first sight. In the watercolor delicacy of Gris, in the riot of color of The Artful Escape, in the comfort of Tunic. Trek to Yomi from the same number, although the black and white samurai...


Winter Ember – Misses the target. Verification

played on Xbox series S As gory as it sounds, doing headshots left and right is one of the funniest things you can do in video games. Basically, this is one of the main reasons why shooters are so popular. Some developers even pay special attention...


Tunic is uniquely handmade. evaluation

played on Xbox series S One of the main complaints modern gamers have about open world games relates to an overabundance of hints. Let’s say there are too many icons on the map, the next destination is too obvious, everything becomes like...