Tactical first person shooter and 4X strategy is released in the

Tactical first-person shooter and 4X strategy is released in the EVE universe

CCP Games still has plans to expand the EVE Online universe with other games. The company announced the development of a first-person shooter and a 4X mobile strategy game at the recent EVE Fanfest 2022.

    Image sources: CCP Games

Image source: CCP Games

The first person shooter will be multiplayer and tactical and will also offer gamers “atmospheric views”. There are no further details other than that the project will be in the EVE Online universe. The company will present them when they can already demonstrate the game to the public. The shooter is being developed by a studio in London.

4X strategy will also be multiplayer. It is currently codenamed Project M5. Developed by a studio in Shanghai, the game challenges users to fight for supremacy in interstellar space. The studio aims to recreate the aspects of politics, teamwork and territory control that EVE Online is famous for. The game is known to be in pre-production and the target platforms are mobile devices.

Previously, CCP Games presented a first-person shooter in the EVE Online universe – Project NOVA. He was the spiritual heir to the company’s first such project called Dust 514. Project NOVA was unveiled in 2018, but in the end it never made it to release. After that, CCP Games announced that it would change the approach to presenting projects. Since then, she’d rather show players products than just talk about them.

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