Tablet shipments rose 20 last quarter thanks to Apple but

Tablet shipments rose 20% last quarter thanks to Apple, but are likely to slow this quarter

In the third quarter of 2022, global tablet shipments reached 38.4 million units, up about 20% sequentially and slightly more than Digitimes Research expected. According to them, the main growth drivers were the increased sales of the Apple iPad. Apple and Samsung accounted for about 60% of total shipments in the previous quarter.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

However, fourth-quarter shipments are expected to be down 9% from the third quarter, driven by lower demand driven by inflation, rising interest rates in many markets and a weak global economy despite positive factors including the release of the The tenth generation iPad and the new iPad Pro, created as ongoing marketing campaigns for the New Year.

The top five tablet brands in the third quarter included Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo, and Huawei, which accounted for about 80% of total shipments. Apple’s efforts to manage shortages due to COVID-19 outbreaks in China in the second quarter boosted the American company’s share to 38.2%. Samsung’s advertising for the Galaxy A-series tablets managed to hold a share of around 22%. While Amazon’s 8- and 10-inch variants sold fairly solidly, American giant outperformed Lenovo by just 1 percentage point.

Thanks to those looking to swap out old Apple tablets for new ones and the holiday season, next-gen iPad sales should grow 7% in Q4 versus Q3. Non-Apple brands will also try to grab buyers’ attention by offering big discounts and free accessories, but the economic downturn and competition from new iPads will negatively impact and decrease sales, according to Digitimes lead deliveries.

In terms of size, tablets with displays larger than 10 inches rose from 80.6% in Q2 to 84.4% in Q3, with tablets by 10 inches accounting for 57.7% of quarterly shipments.

With new tablets and models in development mostly featuring 10.95 or around 11 inch displays, shipments of large models will soon exceed 90% – models with large screens will become mainstream.

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