Systems from several car manufacturers are likely to be infected

Systems from several car manufacturers are likely to be infected with malware

Dragos, a company specializing in the security of industrial systems, discovered the interaction of malware control servers with the resources of several car manufacturers.

Image source: Gerd Altmann /

Image source: Gerd Altmann /

Cybersecurity experts have identified signs of early ransomware activity in the manufacturing sector. It is believed that the systems of several car manufacturers were simultaneously infected with the well-known Emotet backdoor, which is commonly used to install ransomware.

Dragos experts discovered the threat by detecting the activity of ransomware management servers that share information with car manufacturers’ resources. The attackers are believed to have been preparing for a full-scale attack on the automotive industry for some time. At the moment, the real presence of dangerous malware in the systems of North American and Japanese brands has not been detected, but Dragos believes that the problem has been detected at an early stage.

“We suspect Emotet’s control servers are controlled by cyber ransomware group Conti”says in it statement dragon. Suspicious traffic was first noticed in December 2021, and activity only subsided in March 2022.



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