System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will delight not only with

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition will delight not only with improved graphics, but also with revised co-op mode – new screenshots of the new release

The developers of the American studio Nightdive announced this to the portal PC gamer New screenshots and details for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, the enhanced edition of Irrational Games’ legendary sci-fi role-playing game.

    Image source: PC Gamer

Image source: PC Gamer

According to Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick, the remaster was designed to reverse engineer the original System Shock 2 code into the KEX engine and make it available on next-gen consoles for the first time.

As part of the initiative, Nightdive has also enlisted the support of the fan community to bring the best mods and unofficial patches into the Enhanced Edition: “All cutscenes, textures, character and weapon models have been updated”.

The Nightdive artists kept the characters’ silhouettes, added additional polygons to smooth out some of the sharp edges, and redraw all textures using the original materials.

“We have no intention of removing it [из продажи] original game. So if you want to have an original experience with mods installed at will, this option is always available.Kik insured.

While the graphics are the most obvious improvement, Kik cites seamless co-op as a key feature of the Enhanced Edition, making it easier to connect with other players and offering a more consistent experience.

System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition does not have a release date, although it launched back in August 2019. The re-release is part of the pre-order of the original System Shock remake, releasing on May 30th on PC (Steam, GOG, EGS).

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