Synopsys solutions enable customers to develop products faster in Intel

Synopsys solutions enable customers to develop products faster in Intel Process 3 and 18A

The Intel 18A’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process is a few years away from commercialization, but the company is already actively mentioning future customers who will use it. This week Intel and Synopsys reportedthat the latter’s software tools will be used in the development of the former’s customers for products to be launched using the Intel 3 and Intel 18A process technologies.

    Image source: Forbes

Image source: Forbes

Such integration will allow Intel customers to quickly create their products at the design stage, which they will later release in their companies according to the listed technical processes. Intel has embraced the evolution of contract manufacturing and has a long history of aligning its proprietary chip design ecosystem with industry standards. So far, while it has been content with original solutions that were quite suitable for internal use, it has caused some problems for third-party developers when trying to work with them.

Synopsys’ semiconductor design solutions are considered by industry professionals as the de facto standard, facilitating collaboration with designers around the world. Recall that the deployment of the advanced Intel 18A process technology, which will be mastered by 2025, has already been announced by the defense groups Boeing and Northrop Grumman, as well as the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson. In the second half of this decade, Intel expects to become one of the largest semiconductor component contract manufacturers as onboarding third-party customers can quickly recoup rising capital costs.

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