Surviving the Abyss is a new survival strategy at the

Surviving the Abyss is a new survival strategy at the bottom of an ocean that hides something sinister

Rocket Flair Studio developers, together with Paradox Interactive Publisher, announced a new game dedicated to survival in the depths of the sea. A project called Surviving the Abyss has already received an announcement trailer.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Surviving the Abyss tells the story of scientists conducting genetic experiments on wildlife at the bottom of the ocean. And in order to achieve their goals, players must monitor not only the researchers’ physical health, but also their minds.

Gameplay in Surviving the Abyss revolves around planning and building the infrastructure to keep the team alive, as well as research and production.

Players will advance through the tech tree, unlocking new structures and sending out research submarines to mine resources. After all, in order to survive in the depths of the sea, you need to monitor the level of illumination, since the wits of underwater explorers and their survival skills directly depend on it.

Surviving the Abyss Early Access launches January 17th on PC, the project already has it own page on Steam.

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