Surreal Quest NORCO is coming to PC in late March

Surreal Quest NORCO is coming to PC in late March

Publisher Raw Fury and developer by independent team Geography of Robots announced the exact release date of their surreal quest NORCO in the southern gothic genre.

Image Credit: Raw Fury

Image Credit: Raw Fury

As has been announced, NORCO will go on sale exclusively for PC (Steam, GOG) on March 24th this year. Until recently, the project didn’t even have an approximate release date.

Along with the release date, NORCO also announced the release of the promised extended demo in steam and GOG. The “probe” is called NORCO Act One and as you can guess it includes the first act. The transfer to the full version of the game is available.

To coincide with the announcement, Louisiana sludge metal band Thou have teamed up with Geography of Robots to make an exclusive remix of one of their NORCO tracks. Part of the track can be heard in the new trailer (attached above).

“We’ve always loved her aesthetic and thought she would be great for a video for one of our songs. This is the first time we participate in a video game at a level other than the user level.said Thou singer Bryan Funck.

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NORCO is set in a swampy suburb of New Orleans. The hero, together with an escaped cyborg guardian, sets out to find his brother in the world “Uncertainty and moral ambiguity”.

The developers of NORCO promise detailed and atmospheric pixel art, a post-industrial soundtrack, branching and non-linear dialogues and original characters in the game.


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