Surprisingly it turned out that 40 of Japanese students do

Surprisingly, it turned out that 40% of Japanese students do not know the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

A recent survey of university students in Japan found a significant lack of knowledge about basic computer keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts for copying data to the clipboard (CTRL+C) and pasting from it (CTRL+V) have been around for decades – they work in most modern operating systems, but 40% of Japanese higher education students don’t know about them, found a survey conducted by the Menter organization.

    Image source: Van Tay Media /

Image source: Van Tay Media /

519 university students from Japan took part in the study. Almost all of them said they had laptops or desktop computers, while 5.8% said they didn’t have both – they probably made do with smartphones and tablets.

The best-known keyboard shortcut for students was CTRL+C, which is used to copy data to the clipboard – 62.6% of those surveyed know it. 59.2% of respondents know the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V for pasting from the clipboard. The keyboard shortcut CTRL+Z (“Undo last action”) came a long way in third place with a result of 30.6%. Roughly the same results were shown by the combinations CTRL+X (“Cut”, 27.9%), CTRL+S (“Save”, 27.9%), CTRL+A (“Select All”, 27.6%) and CTRL+P (“Print”, 27.0%). 16.8% of respondents knew the combination CTRL+N (“Create a new file”) and 19.8% knew nothing about the existence of keyboard shortcuts.

    Image source: Menter

Image source: Menter

Keyboard of White Inc. Japan, which also owns Menter, Takashi Yokoyama said universities should probably provide more opportunities for students “Learn to use the PC correctly” — It is not necessary to assume that young people already have these skills and it makes sense to pay particular attention to this point.


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