Subreddit Strike Affects Reddit Traffic

Subreddit Strike Affects Reddit Traffic

The subreddits’ strike, which began last Monday and protested the Reddit administration’s plans to monetize the platform, undoubtedly impacted their work, as Reddit faced a “serious outage” on its first day, affecting its mobile and Web versions affected. However there reported According to analytics company Similarweb’s Engadget, the impact of the strike on Reddit was small but noticeable.

    Image source: Brett Jordan/

Image source: Brett Jordan/

The day before the strike, which began on June 12, Similarweb saw more than 57 million visits per day from Reddit desktop and mobile customers. At the end of the first day of protests, the number of daily visits was less than 55 million. The next day, June 13, Similarweb saw less than 53 million visits to the Reddit platform, more specifically 52,121,649 visits, which is below the average number of daily visits to Reddit over the last month. 6.6%.

Similarweb also noticed a sharp drop in the time Reddit users spent on the platform. The day before the strike began, the average time a user spent on the site was around 8 minutes and 31 seconds. A day later, that dropped to 7 minutes and 17 seconds, the lowest level in three years.

While a temporary drop in daily traffic is unlikely to impact Reddit in the short term, many subreddits’ decision to extend the strike indefinitely and management’s refusal to honor these strikes may result in a slow but gradual decline in daily user activity to lead. This shouldn’t help Reddit in the run-up to its planned IPO and help it implement its plans to transition to self-sufficiency.

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