Streamer flew to Pluto in the star field for seven

Streamer flew to Pluto in the star field for seven hours – the dwarf planet hid cosmic disappointment

Back in January Bethesda warnedthat in Starfield there will be no seamless exploration of space and the ability to manually fly from one planet to another. But the game came out (in Early Access) and players flew out to try it out.

    Image source: PC Gamer

Image source: PC Gamer

Streamer and screenwriter Alanah Pearce of Santa Monica Studio chose Pluto, a low-orbiting dwarf planet, as the subject of her experiment.

Although the fast travel system placed the Pierce ship relatively close to Pluto, the distance to it was “cosmic” – the journey took about seven hours in real time.

    Pluto up close (Image source: charalanahzard on Twitch)

Pluto up close (Image source: charalanahzard on Twitch)

The streamer wouldn’t be behind the screen all the time, so she fell asleep after diverting all of the ship’s power to the engine – though she had to wake up every half hour to correct course.

Up close, Pluto revealed itself to be a low-poly pixel mass that expanded as it got closer. When the remaining distance to the target counter showed zero, Pierce’s ship passed the dwarf planet.

In other words, Pluto (and every other planet/moon in Starfield space reality) is just a picture on a pretty background. However, it is now known that you can also fly to this picture yourself.

Starfield is available in Early Access now, opening September 6th for Standard Edition owners on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). I’m already on my way for the game over 500 modificationsincluding crack.

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