Streacom presents SG10 cases for i9 13900K and RTX 4080 systems

Streacom presents SG10 cases for i9-13900K and RTX 4080 systems with passive cooling

Steacom introduced the impressive SG10 case at Computex 2023, which can handle up to 600W of heat without the use of fans. The Streacom SG10 has been in development for quite some time. The first information about him appeared back in 2021, before that there was an unsuccessful attempt to raise funds on KickStarter in 2020. But now Streacom has assured Computex 2023 attendees that the SG10 case will go into production later this year.

    Image source: Streacom

Image source: Streacom

The main feature of the Streacom SG10 is its extensive passive cooling options. It’s said to be able to draw up to 250W from the CPU and up to 350W from the GPU (600W total). The case also features an interesting, advanced design.

The visual appeal of the case is determined by the symmetrical, solid dual aluminum heatsink that occupies the top third of the case. Copper tubing runs through them, through which the liquid refrigerant circulates, cyclically evaporating and condensing in a closed, pumpless system. Half of the heatsink is for CPU cooling and the other half is for GPU cooling. Both parts of the radiator have their own inlets and connections (double circuit).

Inside, the Streacom SG10 is equipped with a diagonally mounted mainboard and a GPU mounted at a 90-degree angle to it. Together, these components form an X-shaped layout. While installing a CPU cooler isn’t a problem, connecting a GPU cooler is much more difficult. The user needs to completely uninstall the factory graphics card cooling system and then integrate the GPU into the chassis cooling system. The list of compatible graphics cards will be published later.

At Computex, Streamcom presented its SG10 case with an Intel Core i9-13900K processor and a built-in Asus GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card. A hotter GPU is not recommended. In the demo provided by Streacom, the entire system was handling over 660 watts of heat.

Production of the Streacom SG10 is slated to begin later this year, and the price for the case itself and complete cooling system is expected to be around $999.

At its booth, Streacom also presented interesting gadgets – VU1 device monitoring indicators, which are a combination of an analogue pointer and an E-Ink display. The indicators are connected via the USB Type-C connector. With the included software, you can create an analog “warm pipe” indicator for almost any measurable system variable.

The display of the VU1 is monochrome and has a resolution of 200×144 pixels. Thanks to the integrated RGB lighting, it is easy to read in most conditions. In addition to a fully customizable display, the user can control the movement of the arrow and the backlight. Devices ship with an app that instantly offers the most common display presets – CPU/GPU temperature and CPU/memory/memory/network usage. Plugins will add more features over time.

Streacom initially plans to sell a set of three VU1 indicators and a hub for $99. A release date has not yet been announced.

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