Strays adorable cat game is being adapted into a feature length

Stray’s adorable cat game is being adapted into a feature-length animated film, and that’s just the beginning

Annapurna Animation, a division of Annapurna Pictures (and publisher Annapurna Interactive), announced about plans for a film adaptation of the cat adventure Stray by the developers of the French studio BlueTwelve.

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As a reminder, Stray debuted last summer and received relatively high reviews from critics (82-83% on Metacritic). According to the plot, a lonely stray cat must escape from a dying cybercity inhabited by robots.

The production of a full-length animated film based on Stray is in the active phase. Judging by the comments of Annapurna Animation co-director Robert Baird, viewers can expect a straight forward film adaptation.

According to Baird, Stray is a game “What makes us human, but there is not a single human in it”and one of the reasons why “unbelievable popular” is in perspective: “You see the world through the eyes of an adorable cat”.

“How [в BlueTwelve] achieved and how will we implement it in the film? We will make it, even if it sometimes seems impossible. But we know what the game is about and we know how to tell its story.”Said Byrd in an interview Weekly entertainment.

Annapurna Animation is also planning film adaptations of other Annapurna Interactive games (untitled), but Stray will be the first of them. They promise to include the original source “incredibly respectful”.

Stray is available on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The project won Best Independent Game and Best Indie Debut at The Game Awards 2022.

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