Story Event Quest System and Fighting Campers Hunt Showdown Authors

Story Event, Quest System, and Fighting Campers: Hunt: Showdown Authors Reveal Spring Summer Update Schedule

Developer by Crytek told about plans to develop the multiplayer shooter Hunt: Showdown in the first half of 2022. The authors will replace regular tests with a quest system, improve team play and the user interface, and start a new story event tomorrow.

Image source: Crytek

Image source: Crytek

Update 1.8 was released earlier this month with server and client side improvements. Its content is:

  • improved processing on the server side of physical objects in the environment, including monsters, doors, chains and other interactive elements;
  • removed an unused component that could reduce server performance;
  • reduced power spikes when monsters are inactive (possible reduction in AI reaction speed);
  • Improved interaction between the game and the Steam API. Too frequent calls could burden individual systems and lead to performance losses;
  • Added support for the Lightweight Profiler tool, which automatically gathers information about performance issues and allows you to send them to support or community managers;
  • new weapon animation in the menu for second category hunters;
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to the Stillwater Bayou, DeSalle, and Lawson Delta locations, as well as AI, weapons, and audio.

The full list of changes and details on how to use the Lightweight Profiler can be found here here.

March 24th begins Traitor’s Moon event which will reveal more details about Mr. Charry and his essence. Players can unlock new weapons and legendary items. The event ends on April 14th.

The following changes and innovations are planned for the second quarter:

  • Daily and weekly challenges are replaced by a quest system with tasks of different levels of difficulty – for beginners, regular users and hardcore players. The new system not only allows adding new content outside of events, but also serves as a basis for future systems (the update will be released in late April – early May);
  • two new types of possessed (grunts);
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect crouch animation in third person view (patch 1.8.1).

In the middle of the second quarter and early in the third quarter, the following is expected:

  • a new element of team play (update 1.9), the “Spoil the blood of those who like to sit in ambush”;
  • UI improvements including death screens, equipment and team information;
  • Ping Limit and Region Lock – these measures will help make team selection fairer and ensure players have access to at least one region. These systems are currently under development;
  • Changes to the progression system affecting all aspects of character development, including the mechanics of prestige.

Hunt: Showdown was released on PC and Xbox One in 2019 and came out on PlayStation 4 in 2020.



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