Story driven adventure about fights with former Thirsty Suitors will also

Story-driven adventure about fights with former Thirsty Suitors will also be released on consoles – new gameplay has been released

Annapurna Interactive and Outerloop Games (Falcon Age) at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase showed released new footage from their story adventure Thirsty Suitors and clarified the game’s target platform list.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Keep in mind that in the story, a girl named Jala returns to her hometown where she must defend herself from demanding parents, resolve issues with her ex, and deal with broken relationships before her sister’s wedding.

In a new video, the developers showed how the narrative elements of Thirsty Suitors interact with gameplay in turn-based combat. For example, the authors took the battle of Jala with her friend from the third grade – Sergio.

Jala’s basic attacks deal damage and increase the heroine’s willpower, taunts reveal enemies’ weaknesses and put them in a certain state (mood) where certain techniques become more effective.

As battles progress, Jala will also make character-building decisions and seek help from powerful creatures (like her mother). You can see how the fight ends in the video above.

Jala will also skateboard (we tried to make the process accessible, not too challenging but deep enough) and try to impress her mother with dynamic culinary adventures.

Release of Thirsty Suitors not only expected on PC (steam) as originally announced, but also on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and Game Pass. A demo version of the game is available on the Valve service.

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