Stellantis will also transfer electric vehicles to the NACS charging

Stellantis will also transfer electric vehicles to the NACS charging port, but not for compatibility with Tesla stations

Transnational automaker Stellantis until recently remained the only major automaker represented in the North American market, ignoring the decision of many competitors to make their electric vehicles compatible with Tesla charging stations using the NACS connection standard. Stellantis is indeed ready to support him, but in a very unique way.

  Image source: Stellantis

Image source: Stellantis

Firstly, as explained Electrek, this automaker mentions this standard not in the NACS designation adopted by Tesla, but in the standardized SAE J3400, as if abstracting from cooperation with Tesla, which developed this charging port standard and made it publicly available in terms of the use of intellectual property from 2022. Stellantis will begin equipping new electric vehicle models for the North American market with this type of connector starting with the 2025 and 2026 model years. This concern owns the popular North American brands Jeep, Chrysler, RAM and Dodge.

The reasons for this distance from Tesla become clear after studying the accompanying statements from Stellantis. As it turns out, the company will develop a network of IONNA charging stations in North America with the participation of BMW, GM, Honda, Hyundai/KIA and Mercedes-Benz. All of these companies are ready to ensure that their new electric vehicles are compatible with Tesla charging stations in North America from 2025, and in fact this will happen even earlier, taking into account the possibility of using adapters. At the same time, Stellantis does not yet claim compatibility with the Tesla charging network, but is relying on the development of the IONNA charging station network in cooperation with partners. These stations will simultaneously have cables with CCS and NACS connectors.

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