Steam Weekly Chart Tekken 8 and Enshrouded started in the

Steam Weekly Chart: Tekken 8 and Enshrouded started in the top three and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth set a record

IN Steam sales table The survival simulator Palworld still dominates, and although its online values ​​are still unattainably high for the competition, one of the new products was able to come close to it in the ranking.

    Tekken 8. Image source: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Tekken 8. Image source: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Palworld has updated its own online record again: On January 27th there was a simultaneous 2,101,867 User. This is the second game in Steam history to reach more than 2 million people simultaneously.

Second place went to the survival-focused cooperative role-playing action game with a voxel engine, Enshrouded, which released in Early Access on January 24th. Keen Games’ new product received positive reviews 84% Reviews (total reviews – 14.8 thousand) and the number of simultaneous users has reached 160 405. In total, it was rated by over a million players in four days.

Tekken 8 debuted in third place, pre-ordering in ninth place a week earlier. At the beginning the fighting game was attractive 49,977 users at the same time and has since lost players (highest in the last 24 hours – 35,916). Rating based on 5.2 thousand reviews – 91%.

The third best new release, the adventure role-playing game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, came in fifth place. The new Yakuza became the most successful game in the franchise among all games released on the platform: the peak was online 46 161 Person (second best result for Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name – 13,737 User). Share of positive reviews – 90% (Total number of reviews – 2.2 thousand).

What else happened on the chart:

  • Thanks to discounts (the promotion has already ended), the action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World returned to the top 10 (tenth place) and the add-on Iceborn climbed to 16th place;
  • The pre-order of the remake of Persona 3, subtitled Reload (premiere – February 2nd), rose from 19th to 11th place, and the cooperative action Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (released on the same day, Early Access is already available opened) and Horizon Forbidden West in the Complete Edition (March 21) entered the charts at numbers 19 and 27;
  • With the beginning of the 11th season pirate action game Sea of ​​Thieves shot from 49th to 13th place;
  • The latest releases also include the collection Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (20th place), the two-dimensional fighting game UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes from FRENCH-BREAD and Arc System Works (28th place) in the “Simulator God” hit parade “The Universe (78.). The second one had the highest online value (7109 users), despite “mixed” reviews (59% based on 600 reviews).

Top 10 by sales for the period from January 23rd to 30th (the place in the previous week is indicated in brackets if the product was included in the table):

  1. Palworld (1);
  2. Enveloped;
  3. Tekken 8 (9);
  4. steam deck (2);
  5. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (10);
  6. EA Sports FC 24 (3);
  7. Call of Duty (6);
  8. Baldur’s Gate 3 (5);
  9. Lethal Company (4);
  10. Monster Hunter: World (30).

Top 10 by revenue, including free-to-play games:

  1. Palworld;
  2. Enveloped;
  3. Tekken 8;
  4. Counter-Strike 2 (shareware);
  5. Steam Deck;
  6. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth;
  7. EA Sports FC 24;
  8. PUBG: Battlegrounds (Shareware);
  9. Apex Legends (shareware);
  10. Call of Duty.

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