Steam is now showing game compatibility with PlayStation controllers

Steam is now showing game compatibility with PlayStation controllers

In early October, the Steam Digital Store will introduce a new feature that will allow users to easily tell if a game supports PlayStation controllers. According to the company, this is the first step towards a more controller-friendly service.

    Image source: Prinzklaus67 / Pixabay

Image source: Prinzklaus67 / Pixabay

valve company announced A new feature that helps gamers select games based on DualSense and DualShock controller compatibility. The company announced this in a developer update. It is planned that the innovation will be available in the desktop application and the web version of Steam in early October.

Developers can now fill out a special questionnaire in the Steamworks Toolkit indicating the level of support for Xbox, DualShock and DualSense controllers in their games. Users can see if a specific controller is fully or partially supported and find out which gamepads are the most popular among gamers.

Valve decided to implement this feature as more and more users prefer to play with PlayStation controllers. Since 2018, sessions using Sony controllers have increased from 11% to 27% of all sessions using controllers. Since 2017, over 87 million Steam users have played with a controller at least once. Among them, 69% used different versions of Xbox controllers, while the rest preferred PlayStation gamepads, Switch Pro controllers, and other devices.

Valve’s innovation is a step towards improving the user experience for gamers. Now gamers can be more conscious about game choices and focus on the level of support for specific controllers. Of course, this has a positive effect on the convenience of using the service, and it can also be an incentive for developers to more actively integrate the support of various controllers into their projects.

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