Steam Deck has sold more than 3 million units this

Steam Deck has sold more than 3 million units this year

Sales of Valve’s Steam Deck portable console will surpass 3 million in 2023, counting from the console’s release in 2022. Such predictions are made by analytics firm Omdia, whose report is quoted by

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According to analysts, Valve sold about 1.6 million Steam Deck consoles in 2022.

“Obviously, Steam Deck is still just a niche part of the PC gaming market. However, that probably won’t stop Valve from increasing sales of its set-top box.‘ said James McWhirter, senior analyst at Omdia.

Market experts also note that the lack of a set-top box in stores and its availability only to users of the Steam gaming platform is its “weak point”. Steam Deck console sales started in October 2022 – before that, the console had been on sale since February, albeit by invitation only and only in certain regions. At the time of full release, the company expanded the console’s geography, allowing for purchases in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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