Steam Deck gained full support for popular anti cheats EAC and

Steam Deck gained full support for popular anti-cheats EAC and BattleEye

The Steam Deck development team has been working with Epic Games over the past few months to implement safeguards against the use of unfair practices in games. v separate note On the Steam website, Valve’s developers announced that the popular anti-cheats EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) and BattleEye are now available “no problem” are supported by the Proton software add-on installed in the Steam Deck.

Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

Special instructions for enabling Proton support have become available for game developers using EAC or BattleEye Documentation site steamworks.

Starting today (January 24), Valve plans to add Deck Verified test results for all verified games that use anti-cheats. All tested projects not using BattlEye or EAC for Proton will be temporarily flagged “Unsupported”until support is activated.

Remember, Deck Verified is designed to help users find out which games from its store will work on Steam Deck even before the console is launched. More information on Valve’s internal testing program can be found in a separate article. At the beginning of January, Valve also made it clear that no new transfers from Steam Deck are to be expected – the console will appear at the end of February.



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