State of Decay 3 is still in pre production due to

State of Decay 3 is still in pre-production due to issues in the studio

Kotaku Portal informed about the troubles at Undead Labs Studio, known for the zombie action series State of Decay. During the Kotaku investigation, 12 employees of the company were interviewed, who complained about poor management of development teams and sexism.

    Source: Xbox

Source: Xbox

Women and members of minorities were discriminated against. The situation has improved over the past six months as the studio began hiring more staff. According to the lawsuits, while management at Undead Labs tried to create a pleasant image for Microsoft, they actually didn’t listen to the opinions of women, even in senior positions.

State of Decay 3, which was teased in 2020, is stuck in pre-production, according to Kotaku. The 2021 internal demo turned out to be a failure and the company still has nothing to show Microsoft. It is noted that the game was constantly receiving new features, but its foundation was far from ideal. Separate teams within the company were not connected to each other, which is why they were partly engaged in the same tasks.

Employees also said that Undead Labs co-founder Jeff Strain promised them the studio would be independent, but the company was sold to Microsoft in 2018. Strain himself noted that he had been looking for a buyer for several years and did not make such promises.

Some of the staff assured that Undead Labs is now on the right track and State of Decay 3 can still be a decent game.


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