Startup ONEs 1000km EV batteries are set to hit the

Startup ONE’s 1,000km EV batteries are set to hit the market in 2026

The young American company Our Next Energy, founded by industry veteran Mujeeb Ijaz, has already proven that its battery-equipped electric car Tesla Model S can travel 1210 km without recharging. ONE aims to mass-produce corresponding batteries at its site by 2026. A medium-sized electric car based on a new type of battery will be able to travel 965 km on a single charge.

    Image Credit: Reuters/Andrew Nethery

Image Credit: Reuters/Andrew Nethery

That is one and a half times more than electric vehicles with the largest batteries currently offer. As noted Reuters With reference to the ONE boss, battery production of the Gemini series is scheduled to start in the USA in 2026, which can produce batteries with a total capacity of up to 20 GWh annually. The secret of this battery lies in the use of cells with different chemical compositions. For “everyday” use, cells are designed with a traditional layout with iron phosphate-based cathodes and graphite-based anodes. The second type of cell uses a layout without anodes, and the cathodes combine lithium and manganese in their composition, and the developers try to minimize the content of cobalt and nickel. It is this type of cells that are designed for a high power reserve.

However, the existing prototypes of “long-range” cells in Gemini batteries still rely on cobalt and nickel, but in the long term, eliminating them and anodes will allow ONE to reduce battery manufacturing costs by $50 per kWh of capacity, which is well below the modern $100-$110. By 2026, batteries with no cobalt content will be installed on a company’s conveyor belt in the United States and the nickel content will be reduced to 26% of current levels.


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